In a coffee shop.
Saturdays at 6pm

Encountering the love of God.

In community we engage the world with greater purpose.

You’re invited.


We seek to live and love outside of ourselves and seek to give away what we have at our disposal. We want to agree with Jesus in healing broken hearts and setting free those that are bound up. As such, we live transparently to realize our own freedom and healing so that we can then operate as agents of freedom and healing.

We value practical equipping for the work of the ministry to be carried out by every member of the church, not just designated leaders. We rely on Biblical teaching as foundational equipping in our growth.


Everything changes by a love encounter with Jesus Christ. We gather and worship to meet with Him, not just to talk about Him. God created us for relationship with Him and with each other. We meet together to encourage one another and to worship corporately in a way that fosters realization of His presence.

I’m New

Welcome, our hope is that you would see that God’s love abounds.

Small Groups

We are called into fellowship with God and others.


Listen to past Ekklesia sermons, online.